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Digital Women Hair Straightener Brush

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Fast Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan


– Voltage: DC110v-220v

– Power : 29 W

– Wire length: around 230cm

– Heating time/ideal styling time : 30 seconds

– Straighten hair time: 5 seconds . brush it and turn out to be straight amid 5 seconds .

– Thermostatic : 185 degree

– Max temperature: 230 degree

– Min temperature: 80 degree

– Thermostat alteration fragments :5 degree. Fast Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan


· High Quality,60 seconds give you idealize new wonderful hair style,Non object utilize – just brush through for smooth sparkly fixed hair.Fast Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan

· Easily rectify hard to achieve zones, for example, the crown of your hair as envisioned below.Negative Ions diminish frizz while Thermostat plates smooth fingernail skin.

· Brushing activity diminishes danger of dry harmed hair not at all like customary hair straighteners.

· No consume : When the brush plate achieves 200 degree, the brush beat just 50 degree, that won’t consume your skin , and it can help message your head and unwind you.Fast Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan

· No mischief: It create anion when work , that expel hair friction based electricity, likewise anion can join with air to deliver dampness, help nurish your hair .

· LCD screen show .

· 360 degree rotatable wire . it dodges the wire twining .


Distinctive settings of the straightener can furnish you with different temperature settings to acquire straight hair. The straightener is outfitted with an include subtract key which can direct temperature at “+” and “- ” levels, which will expand temperature by 5 degrees Celsius for every touch. It’s suggested that you select the most astounding temperature at to begin with, and after that lessening temperature level on the premise of your hair quality.Fast Hair Straightener Brush in Pakistan.Money Saver


· 1, For thicker hair: 210-230 degrees Celsius are by and large chosen.

· 2, For basic hair: 190-210 degrees Celsius are by and large chosen.

· 3, For thin hair: 170-200 degrees Celsius are for the most part chosen.

· 4, Suppose you’ve picked the low temperature to manage your hair, additional time will be required.

· 5, Please go ahead off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on, and go ahead off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it off.

· 6, According to individual’s propensity to utilize this hair straighter and it has no course.


· 1, All shells are made out of high-temperature-resistance building plastic shape America, for example, PET/PPS/PAEE.

· 2, Electric fundamental sheets embrace CCC Criteria a sort of European EML verification.

· 3, Compared with the customary hair straightener, this item makes them overpower points of interest. For example, a 5 to 10 ties speedier speed, less complex and faster operation, and simpler for people to make care of hair.

· 4, Compared with the customary hair straightener, this item won’t hurt your hair effectively. The reason is that customary ones rectify your hair by pulling and squeezing it from both sides to quickly retain dampness from hair. In any case, when utilizing this item, there will be a less dampness misfortune from hair in the brushing procedure.

· 5, this item has a well known outline structure, novel appearance, and it is sheltered and handy.


· 1, Please keep you hair spotless and dry, search it over before utilize the hair straightener.

· 2, Insert the connect to a legitimate attachment to keep the straightener will charged.

· 3, Turn it on and alter a legitimate temperature, you can utilize when the temperature achieve that you need.

· 4, during the time spent utilizing, one hand pulls hair end and brush with straightener.

· 5, If you need to keeps straight hair last more, please utilize hair styling moisturizer and conditioner salve and wash clean before hair fixing. Savers

· 6, It ought not cut excessively hair, on the off chance that you need to clasp more hair, you ought to be back off the speed during the time spent drawing.

· 7, It will be killed by a hour naturally, turn it on when you use against.

Safety Precautions:

Guarantee the best possible utilization of this item, please take note of the wellbeing precautionary measures as taking after security matters.

· 1, Don’t enable kids beneath 14years to utilize this item without presence of a grown-up.

· 2, Keep it dry and don’t utilize it in lavatory and wet region.

· 3. Try not to thump it and tumble off from high-mentality, kindly don’t utilize if there is any harm.

· 3, Please don’t revise, disassemble and repair this item. online shopping in Pakistan

· 4, This item can’t be put into the fire or outside warming.


· 1, Don’t utilize this item next to a bowl, bath , or close to a pool, else it will effortlessly bring about harm.

· 2, Please check the item honesty before utilizing. If it’s not too much trouble quit utilizing it if any harm.

· 3, Please check wire respectability before utilizing, if any harm kindly don’t utilize.

· 4, Don’t arbitrarily put this item to maintain a strategic distance from kids to utilize.

· 5, Please put this item away after it is chilled off. amazon pakistan


· Due to lighting impacts, screen’s shine , differentiate settings and so on, there could be some slight contrasts in the shading tone of the photos and the genuine thing.

· Due to provider different,this item has dark edge or red edge,and your request will be sent in shades of edge indiscriminately.

· We are truly acknowledge for your comprehension!

Package Contents:

· 1 x Hair Straightener

· 1 x English manual

. 1 x Retail Box  Ebay Pakistan

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