Magic Pan in Pakistan

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Magic Pan in Pakistan

Purchase kitchen dish online, best case scenario cost from Money Cook low calorie sound nourishment by including this twofold sided enchantment griddle in your kitchen machines. The bite the dust cast container is outfitted with stainless steel handle with bakelite hold and German non-stick covering. The practical weight magnets advance weight inside the dish, online shopping in Pakistan the silicon pressing anticipates smoke and scent, the connector and security stick associates the upper and the lower skillet and the outside oil collector gathers emptied oily oil out of the upper container amid cooking. The weight exit encourages dissipation.Magic Pan in Pakistan. You can cook from both the sides of the skillet. The oil trap work holds the oil in the dish while cooking so that the cooktop stays slick and clean. The warmth caught inside the container spares vitality and guarantees quick cooking. The non-stick covering ensures that the sustenance does not adhere to the base. Money Saver This skillet makes cooking sustenance truly simple as flipping the nourishment thing is a bit much, you can simply turn the dish to the opposite side and watch it cook. Accessible on money down choice. Magic Pan in Pakistan .

Particulars – Double Side Magic Pan


Collection Magic Pan

Type Frying Pan

Skillet Details.Magic Pan in Pakistan

Colour Red/Blue/Green

Non-stick Yes

Dish Diameter 28 cm container barring handle

Handle Material Stainless Steel Handle With Bakelite Grip.Magic Pan in Pakistan

Coating German non stick covering

Mind Instructions

Innovation: Functional Pressure Magnets advancing weight inside the pan,Handle Ergonomically designed,stainless steel handle with bakelite grip,Coating German non stick coating,Die cast PanSpecial highlights Silicon Packing: Prevents smoke and smell to the maximum.Connector and Safety Pin: Connects upper container and lower pan.Oil Drain Receiver: External oil collector gathers emptied oily oil out of the upper skillet amid cooking.Pressure Exit: There is a depleting gap to encourage vanishing. online shopping in Pakistan

Twofold Sided: Helps in cooking from both sides.Oil Trap Function: Oil trap work holds the oil to stay in the skillet while cooking, henceforth while cooking your cook-beat stays clean and neat.Heat Trapping: Heat caught inside the container spares vitality by guaranteeing speedier cooking.Silicon Lining: The covering helps in catching the warmth, oil and weight which helps in better cooking.German innovation Non stick Coating: This covering helps in giving a superior cooking background, the nourishment does not stick to base. amazon pakistan


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